An imaginative story, a magic pot (function machine), filled ten frame cards, and a game engage students as they develop strategies for thinking about the doubles and doubles plus one pattern.

The story Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong sets the stage for an exploration of inputs and output. When something is put into the story’s magic pot, a copy or a double comes out.






A slight-of-hand-move draws students into the challenge of guessing and extending the pattern of the magic pot. Folded table rows encourage students to focus on the relationship between what goes into the pot and what comes out of the pot.







Students then use ten frame cards to find a variety of ways to solve problems that involve doubles and near doubles (e.g., 6 + 6 and 6 +7). The organized shapes help students visualize ways to break apart the addends and put them back together to find the sum. This is a great time to listen to students and encourage them to discuss various solution strategies.

Finally, the game Doubles and Doubles Bump provides another opportunity for students to talk about and develop strategies for finding doubles and problems near doubles.







Here is a link to these Math Trailblazers 4th Edition student and teacher resources for this lesson, Use Doubles.

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