Modeling with connecting cubesA Math Trailblazers classroom is a place where students are using tools and manipulatives to model mathematics and actively solve problems. Most Math Trailblazers lessons use manipulatives to facilitate student learning and promote understanding. To effectively use and manage these items in the classroom, manipulatives need to be prepared and organized ahead of time. Manipulatives are stored with easy access for students in mind. The more experience students have with manipulatives, the more equipped they will be for solving problems. As with most tools, the more students use them, the more commonplace and effective they become.

Using a Protractor to Measure Angles in Grade 4


Kindergarten Materials List (Essential Literature and Manipulative)

Kindergarten Materials List + (Includes Materials to Collect and Create along with quantities)

Kindergarten Generic Master Help

First Grade Materials List

Second Grade Materials List

Third Grade Materials List

Fourth Grade Materials List

Fifth Grade Materials List


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