Playing mathematics games is an engaging way for students to practice skills and strategies. Research has shown that games are an effective and motivating way to deliver this practice. Teachers can easily adapt games to meet the varying needs of their students, and games can be sent home for extra practice. The use of games illustrates one way to engage students in practicing math facts.




Cover and Compare

Number Race

Build a Staircase


First Grade


Counting On Game

Guess My Rule Game

Make Ten

Moving on the 100 Chart

Train Game


Second Grade


Add to 100

Monkey Treats

Doubles and Near Doubles Bump

Not More Than 100

Path to Glory



Third Grade


Number Line Target

Digits (animated)

Floor Tiler

Largest to Smallest

Make a Flat

Spin, Place, and Read (could be played with whole group)


Fourth Grade



Draw, Place, and Read (could be played with whole group)

Floor Tiler

Guess My Rule

Product Bingo


Fifth Grade


Multiplication Digits Game

Division Digits Game

Add or Subtract to 1 Game

Spin and Read Decimals Game

Factor 20 or Factor 40

Closest to