Teacher materials are available in digital and print formats at all grade levels to support lesson planning and daily instruction. Learn more about Math Trailblazers teacher materials and receive complimentary access to digital materials at Kendall Hunt’s Math Trailblazers site.

Teacher Guide – Digital

Math Trailblazers’ digital format is accessible from any internet-enabled device and is a comprehensive guide providing materials for planning, instruction, and assessment. Teacher Guides provide everything needed to plan, teach, and assess Digital Teacher Guideincluding CCSSM correlation, student page views, Content in this Lesson, Assessment in this Lesson, Vocabulary in this Lesson, Materials List, Meeting Individual Needs, Content Notes, TIMS Tips, Targeted Practice, Homework and Practice, Extensions, Masters, Assessment Masters, Answer Keys, and Assessment Records.

Other helpful features included in the Teacher Guide:

Letter Home
Unit OverviewPortion of Key Assessment Opportunities Chart for Grade 2 Place Value Unit
Mathematics in this Unit
Assessment in this Unit
Daily Practice and Problems
Home Practice


Print Materials

Teacher Lesson Plans

These optional print materials work in conjunction with the Teacher Guide to offer an introduction to each lesson. They include lesson overviews regarding CCSSM standards, expectations, pacing guides, vocabulary, materials lists, assessment resources, discussion and instructional tips, and student page views.

Sample Teacher Lesson Plan

Answer Keys

These include helpful sample answers and examples of student work.Teacher Lesson Plans and Answer Keys