Vimeo 4Math Trailblazers’ formative embedded assessment system is designed to give teachers better information about where they are going, what students know, and how to make instructional decisions to meet students’ needs. Studies have shown that assessment is most valid closest to instruction. MTB4 provides numerous assessment opportunities, both formal and informal, throughout the lessons so that the feedback provided can effectively guide instruction and improve learning. While summative assessments are also included in this balanced system, there are extensive opportunities to assess students’ progress at these crucial formative times, before it is too late to address needs and adjust instruction. Self-Check and Check-In Questions offer regular opportunities for this type of assessment. Helpful assessment tools allow teachers to assess measurable steps written from the Standards. Easy-to-use feedback tools are included to report meaningful feedback to students about their progress toward expectations. Learn more about Assessment.

Assessment Opportunities in Grade 2 Unit 7 Lesson 8




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