There are many K–5 mathematics curricula from which to choose. Like Math Trailblazers, many have embedded problem-solving, are research-based, use manipulatives and representations deliberately and purposefully, believe students need to visualize and feel quantity in order to make sense of number and operation, and meet the Standards.


What sets Math Trailblazers apart from the rest?The Math Trailblazers Difference

Math Trailblazers

Attends to teachers as learners to help improve instruction.

Is elegantly engineered.

Is inquiry-based.

Fosters flexible thinking.

Excels at making connections among strategies and representations.

Incorporates a highly effective assessment structure.

Is written by a small team.

Gives teachers the power to be intentional.

Allows students to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Is engaging and meaningful to students.


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