Assessment Task with Expectations and Feedback BoxNumerous helpful components of the assessment program provide teachers with the tools to plan instruction and communicate student progress. Each unit contains Assessment in this Unit (or Assessment in this Month for Kindergarten) documentation that describes the assessment structure, offers guidance for observing and assessing students’ work, summarizes targeted practice opportunities in the unit, and includes useful tools for recording, monitoring, and assessing student progress. A Key Assessment Opportunities Chart identifies numerous activities in the unit that are appropriate for assessing students’ abilities with the Content, Math Facts, and Math Practices Expectations. Progress can be recorded, monitored, and reported over time using the assessment tools provided. The Unit Assessment Record is used to record student progress on each of a unit’s Content Expectations as identified on the Key Assessment Opportunities Chart. Upon completion of each unit, information is transferred from the Unit Assessment Record to Individual Assessment Records. This latter tool becomes a compilation of the progress for each student across the units. The Math Facts Class Record is used to track the progress of students’ fluency with the fact groups that are practiced and assessed in the Daily Practice and Problems.

.Ongoing Assessment Box with Targeted Practice

At the lesson level, the CCSSM Content and Mathematical Practice Standards covered in the lesson are clearly highlighted. The information provided in the Assessment in this Lesson table shows the lesson’s various assessments and the exact Expectations assessed. Within the lesson, Ongoing Assessment Boxes cue teachers to these assessment opportunities and explicitly describe what is expected of students. The assessed Content, Math Facts, and Math Practices Expectations are clearly displayed in these boxes, as are Targeted Practice recommendations to ensure all students grasp important concepts. Information about easy-to-use Feedback Boxes can also be found here. These tools, along with complete and detailed answer keys, assist teachers to interpret student work and efficiently provide frequent and meaningful feedback on individual students’ progress.


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