Grade 5 Multi-Step Word Problems

A fundamental principle of Math Trailblazers’ is that mathematics is best learned through active solving of real problems. Its strong emphasis on strategic thinking encourages and supports multi-step problem solving. Students in Grades 3–5 are routinely offered a challenging multi-step Problem of the Week within the Daily Practice and Problems. The intention is that students be given a problem that allows time for thoughtful consideration of the strategies they are developing. Such a problem may require more reflection, maybe some trial and error, and may not be immediately solvable at first glance. At the end of the week, students can share their strategies. Many of the Tasks in the DPPs are also mulit-step problems. Many multi-step problem-solving opportunities are embedded appropriately throughout the curriculum so students can learn how to problem solve and not simply rely on using instructional patterns to work their way around a problem. MTB4 problems are interesting and in varied context. Sometimes they relate to the content of the unit or to a nearby lesson, and other times the problems stand alone. Students use the Math Practices poster to help them focus on practices related to both problem solving and communication, reviewing them before, during, and after problem solving.

Grade 3 Multi-Step Lizard Land Problems








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