Ongoing Assessment Boxes in Teacher GuideMath Trailblazers 4th Edition includes an Assessment system designed to give teachers better information about where they are going, what students know, and how to make instructional decisions to meet students’ needs and improve learning. Assessments are designed to provide information to teachers about what students can do, guide instruction, communicate the goals of instruction, and provide feedback to students. Each unit is organized around a set of Expectations that are aligned to the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and there are numerous opportunities for both formal and informal assessment of student learning. A balanced mix of assessment tasks develops a clear picture of student knowledge of the concepts and skills. Ongoing Assessment Boxes within each lesson cue teachers to assessment opportunities and explicitly describe what is expected of students. Well-defined tasks presented within Check-In Questions, and useful tools for recording, monitoring, and assessing student progress are included. To assist teachers in efficiently providing frequent feedback on their students’ progress, helpful tools such as Feedback Boxes are provided for effective formative assessment and to guide instruction. Sample Grade 3 Content and Math Practices Feedback Box
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