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Mathematics in a Meaningful Way

A Math Trailblazers classroom is filled with excitement, discovery, and engaged students. With fun and interesting contexts for modeling and active problem solving, MTB4 is based on the idea that mathematics is best learned in real-world situations that are meaningful to children. Students are actively involved in the work of real-world mathematicians, working both independently and collaboratively as they model mathematics, reason abstractly and quantitatively, make connections among representations, invent and test strategies, use patterns, check for reasonableness, and persevere to solve complex and memorable problems that are worth solving. Students are given regular opportunities to explore, develop, discuss, and refine their strategies and mathematical ideas. They grapple with, represent, and justify their own thinking and reasoning, becoming better problem-solvers and developing a deeper understanding of the concepts. This solid conceptual foundation gives students the power to develop fluency with mathematical procedures. Learn more from Kendall Hunt’s Curriculum Overview Brochure and visit Kendall Hunt’s Math Trailblazers site for complimentary access to digital Math Trailblazers.


Digital Teacher GuideFun and Engaging Consumable Student Activity Books for Grades 1-2Student Guides for Grades 3-5


Teacher Materials

Teacher materials are available in digital and print formats at all grade levels to support lesson planning and daily instruction.

* Teacher Guide – digital

* Teacher Resource Guide (Grade K)

* Teacher Lesson Plans (Grades 1–5)

* Answer Keys


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Student Materials

The student components in Math Trailblazers are designed to reach all learners and ensure mathematical fluency. A carefully developed combination of print and digital resources offers a flexible approach to learning that extends from the classroom to the home.

Grade K

* Masters

Grades 1–2
* Student Activity Book

(with access to Student Guide Digital activities and resources)

Grades 3–5
* Student Guide

* Student Guide Digital

* Student Activity Book