What’s New in MTB4?

“Improvements in student learning can come only from a strategy focused on improving instruction.” (Larson, Matthew. (2012) “Will CCSSM Matter in Ten Years.” Teaching Children Mathematics. NCTM.)

Transforming teaching practices to the new expectations can be challenging. MTB4 added support to help teachers make these Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.01.22 PMtransitions. MTB4 has an improved assessment structure, more discussion prompts to move learning forward, sample student answers, sample dialogs to address misconceptions, strategies to help teachers think about multiple ways to solve problems, conversations discussing the strategies and how to help students choose efficient ones, more visuals, more suggestions for meeting students’ needs, and more point-of-use information and background. Math Trailblazers is like having professional development at a teacher’s fingertips. There are now more strategies and support in students’ materials, too. 


Vimeo 1Math Trailblazers has been through a significant revision reflecting the findings of National Science Foundation-funded research and to accommodate the Common Core Standards. The program excels at providing students with modeling and problem solving experiences in meaningful and interesting contexts. All of the engaging and fun contexts of Math Trailblazers are still in the Fourth Edition but are even better. Recognizing the important role curriculum plays in the professional development of teachers, Math Trailblazers 4th Edition was revised to place the latest research on learning progressions, classroom discourse, and students’ conceptual development in teachers’ hands. Math Trailblazers has been revised to strongly align with the Common Core Standards for content and math practices and to support teachers as they transform their instruction to meet these new expectations.

Goals of this revision:

• Make the program components easier to use.
• Bring Math Trailblazers up-to-date with the current research.
• Provide better and more explicit support for teachers.

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