Math at HomeMath Trailblazers users and parents have access to a wide variety of support tools and resources such as games, glossaries, Reference sections, and the Student Guide Digital for Grades 3–5. Talk to your student’s teacher for access codes.

Math Trailblazers is based on the belief that all children deserve a rich and rigorous math curriculum, and that students who are asked to do more will achieve more. Most adults experienced a mathematics curriculum that focused almost exclusively on teaching facts and standard procedures for computing. While becoming proficient in these skills remains an important part of the curriculum, a changing world has created many other essential math skills that students need when they enter the work force. Math Trailblazers maintains a careful balance between developing skills, underlying mathematical concepts, and problem solving. Learn more about Math Trailblazers approach to teaching the Math Facts and Whole Number Computation.

Students apply basic math skills while working on meaningful and challenging tasks. The math content of the traditional math curriculum is studied, but other topics— mental computation, estimation, geometry, measurement, patterns and relationships, and algebra concepts are investigated at an appropriate level.

Math Trailblazers will prepare students to:
* know and apply basic math skills;
* solve problems using many different strategies;
* work with numbers flexibly and proficiently;
* reason skillfully in diverse situations;
* effectively communicate solutions to problems and methods for solving them;
* work alone and collaboratively to solve problems.

Centered around meaningful, real-world, problem-centered exercises, Math Trailblazers is designed to create an interesting, challenging educational experience that results in children who are flexible mathematical thinkers, who see connections between the math they learn in school and their experiences in everyday life, and who enjoy mathematics. Math Trailblazers focuses on the fundamentals but also creates opportunities to develop skills in students that will transfer to the real world.

Have questions about the Common Core Standards? Watch the information video at for a brief introduction, and view several interesting NCTM videos about the mathematics students need to succeed in college, life, and in their careers at Teaching and Learning Mathematics with the Common Core. Finally, go to Meeting the CCSSM with MTB4 to learn more about the integration of the standards into the Math Trailblazers® curriculum.