With so many curricula and math activities available, wading through it all to find high quality, engaging materials quickly becomes a daunting, time-consuming challenge for teachers. Diane Briars, president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, suggests that adopting a curriculum that engages students in high-quality instructional activities frees teachers to focus their time on what really matters: student learning and planning student engagement.

Math Trailblazers provides the kinds of instructional opportunities Briars advocates along with built-in supports to help teachers make well-informed, focused instructional decisions. Math Trailblazers maintains a careful balance between developing students’ conceptual understanding, procedural skills, and fluency with rigorous problem solving. Based on meaningful, real-world, problem-centered exercises, the program is designed to create an educational experience resulting in students who think flexibly about mathematics, see connections between the mathematics they learn in school and their everyday life experiences, enjoy mathematics, and have the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills required for future success.

The Math Trailblazers author team has a variety of tools available to help you navigate your curriculum evaluation process, including completed versions of the Mathematics Content Alignment Tools developed by the CCSS Mathematics Curriculum Materials Analysis Project. We also have detailed information about our alignment to the common core and documentation of Math Trailblazers’ focus on the Major Work and Critical Areas for each grade level.

If you are considering Math Trailblazers for your school or district, we invite to contact us with any questions or inquiries that will aide your adoption process.

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